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Vital Nanofacial treatment Establishes Perfect Skin!

      Without needles and pain incurred in nanofacial treatment, the non-invasive pulsing currents assist the transfer of active ingredients to the skin.This improves facial redness and helps swollen reduction, tightening the skin and minimizing the pores as well as toning the skin.

      Nanofacial treatment exploits the “Cryo”technique. By lowering the skin temperature, oxygen in the blood increases to permit an effective dispersion of active ingredients in the substances. Electroporation and cryoelectroporesis currents allow up to 100 times medication penetration more than iontoporesis.

Type of substances

Nano plant derived stem cell
The breakthrough PhytoCellTecMalusDomestica, boosts the production of skin stem cells, protects skin from stress, thus decreasing wrinkles and producing younger, fresher looking skin. Nano Stem Cell complex is rich in epigenesist factors and metabolites that assure the longevity of skin cells.
Stem Cells help to resistant from the environment and slowdown the signs of aging
               • Resist against UV from harming skins
               • Fight against Free Radicals, and prevents skin cell damage
               • Prevent pigmentations, brightening skins


Nano Cell Extracts 
Nano Cell extracts are applied by the advanced ultrafiltration Technology (millipores) to refine pure and fresh cellular materials carefully procured from rabbit  fetal cells into molecular-level ultrafiltrates of an unrivalled size of 3 nanometers and a molecular weight of less than 10 kiloDaltons(kDa).
Nano Cell Extracts of Skin can be absorbed effectively into the dermis to enforce the renewal of collagen and elastin for moisture retention. When applied mesotherapeutically on pigmentation areas, the nano cell extracts of skin can regulate and normalize cases of pigmentations such as melasma and age spots.
Adipose derived stem cells
The concept of regenerative medicine, using the body’s own stem cells chemical messengers of cytokines to repair tissue, is an alternative therapeutic strategy for damaged tissue repair and cell therapy.Adipose derived stem cells are pluripotent mesenchymal stem cell obtained from lipoaspiration. After harvested and cultured in large quantities, the concentration of cytokines and extracellular matrix proteins are measured, and then freezed dried to be preserved in the powder form for medical application. The main clinical effects are wound healing, skin whitening and increasing hair growth.

Nanofacial Q&A
1. For whom is Nanofacial treatment recommended?
For anyone requiring a treatment of maximum penetration of active substances does not want to undergo injections.
2. Are Nanofacial treatments only for women?
No, all the treatments can be carried out on both women and men. Acne scar, discoloration of the skin, spots from pimples and dryness of the skin as well as melasma are the main indications for nanofacial treatment.
3. Do the active substances really penetrate through the skin without needing to be injected?
Yes, Nanofacial is based on the scientifically proven transdermal transportation technique.
4. Can the substances be used at home and maintain effective results?
Yes.  Without electroporation technique, the active ingredients in the nano molecular form are able to penetrate and absorb into the sebaceous glands directly with topical application.  However, nanofacial will enhance the synergistic effects of medication penetration from nano molecular and other solutions, such as brightening cocktails, added during the treatment.
5. How long does each Nano facial session last?
This always depends on how large the area to be treated is, although an average duration is of between 20 and 30 minutes per session.
6. Are Nano facial treatments painful?
The Nano facial treatments do not cause any type of pain. The application of the product via the roll-on cause a pleasant sensation as it slides over the skins surface.


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