Procedural Dermatology

Lines, wrinkles and loss of volumn are all the aging process. Botox, a purified protein that naturally acts on the muscles, has been used to correct dynamic wrinkles for over 50 years. At present, the techniques of injection are developed to make the best natural results. Not only relaxing the muscles to reduce lines and reshaping facial structure, but new collagen distribution and collagen synthesis are indications for people seeking for botox.Our experienced dermatologist can do as you need! For filler injection, we provide various hyaluronic acid filler different in molecular sizes such as juvederm ultra plus, esthelis basic, modelis, restylane. Korean thread lift is one of the most popular lifting procedures. Result is immediate after patients getting out of the clinic. Additionally, we do subcision to cut of fibrotic scars and skin biopsy for any suspicious lesions on the skin in a reasonable price.

  • With more than 10 years experience, we are the skin and laser clinic in Phuket offering botox or dysport injection. Our clinic is near Patong beach, just 15 mins driving from Jungceylon Patong department store.

    Botox or Dysport is a brand name of a toxin produced by the bacterium Clostridium botulinum. The FDA approved the usage of botox in the late 1980s for blepharospasm  and strabismus.  Later, wrinkles and facial creases have been successfully treated by injecting botox. In April

  • PremiumThreadLift-non surgical last long facelift


    Our Premium Threadlift is a new skin rejuvenation technique that involves implantation of the thin biodegradable threads into the skin. Our thread is FDA cleared for the US market and CE marked for the European Market and also Thai FDA cleared.


    The benefits of our Premium threadlift



  • Skin biopsy is the mode of diagnostic and therapeutic  tools for any suspicious lesions growing on the skin, for examples, skin tumor, skin cancer, abnormal rash unknown origin. It is a simple procedure with minimal risk, can also be done even in critically ill patients. Sometimes, skin biopsy is done for cosmetically removed unwanted skin lesion. There are three common types of skin biopsies performed depending on doctors decision : shave, punch and excision. Antiseptic will be applied and

  • What are injectable fillers?


    The skin is made of two layers, an outer layer called the epidermis and an inner layer called the dermis. The area between these two layers contains a jelly-like substance called hyaluronic acid(HA). When we are young, our skin contains plenty of hyaluronic acid. However, when we age the hyaluronic acid between the layers of our skin diminishes. This decrease in hyaluronic acid causer the skin to lose its natural

  • Subcision


    Subcision is a minor surgical procedure for treating depressed scars and wrinkles using a tri-beveled hypodermic needle inserted through a puncture in the skin. The principle of this procedure is to break the fibrotic strands, which surround the scar to the underlying subcutaneous tissue. The depression is lifted by the releasing action of the procedure, as well as from connective tissue that forms during the course

  • Hydropeel- new dimension of deep facial cleansing


    More advanced to chemical peel and microdermabrasion, the Hydropeel is the latest deep facial cleansing system that provides both non-invasive exfoliation and delivery of topical nutrient solutions. It is safe and painless with three steps of cleansing and exfoliating, extracting sebum and lastly hydrating

  • Autologous growth factor treatment or Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP) Therapy